NHG Touch

What is NHG Touch?


As part of our culture of CARING ABOUT CARE, NHG has developed a powerful online management tool called Touch because here at NHG we want you to be in touch.

Why has this been developed?


It has been developed for you! As the needs of our customers were identified the NHG team mastermined the development of a tool with a host of features to help you control your spend and maximise efficiencies. It is simple easy to use with many automated features to make the experience of dealing with your trusted care partner even  better.

Evenbetter, it is completely free!

What features does it include?


    • Product management

    • Responsive platform for multi device use

    • Budget management

    • User management

    • View Order History

    • Management Approval system

    • Director management reporting

    • Access COSHH data

    • View Stock


NHG Touch multi site

NHG Touch