Twizzle mouth swab (25)

Twizzle mouth swab (25)
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MouthEze or Twizzle or Twizzler as the are sometimes know is a gentle safe mouth cleansing swab without the choke or aspirating hazard of sponge swabs or the awkwardness of toothbrushes.


Twizzle is ergonomically designed to cleanser the mouth. It has been assessed and tested with a wide range of patient groups:

Older people, people living with dementia, patients with neurological conditions such as Stroke, cancer therapy patients, people with learning disability and patients in car and nursing homes including specialised intensive care units.

The cone shaped head and smooth rounded filaments soothe the soft tissues when cleansing the oral mucosa and by applying a rotating action Twizzle can collect debris as it cleans. It can be used on a wide range of people including people with no natural teeth.

Twizzler is a Class I Medical Device for use in delivering safe mouth care. It is suitable for use in hospitals, care, nursing and residential homes, hospices, community health and social service teams and dental practices.

Unlike brushes, Twizzler cleans the tissues and collects debris simultaneously. unlike sponge swabs, the cleaning head of Twizzler will not detach and form a safety hazard. See MHRA report on this under downloads tab.

Twizzler can be used safely with vantilated patients at risk of contracting pneumonia (VAP). MouthEze is for those people who dependent or require assistance for mouth care and for people where conventional methods i.e. toothbrushes and sponge swabs are not suitable.

Twizzler can be used wet or dry to;

  • Lubricate the lips, tongue and soft tissues inside the mouth with water, water based gels and mouth rinses

  • Remove sticky tenacious secretions, crusty plugs on the palate and stringy saliva following cancer therapy treatment. Or remove retained food and debris from the mouth.

  • Aid oral desensitisation for patients with special requirement and learning disabilities.

  • Clean coated tongues.

Twizzler is not designed to clean teeth. Use a toothbrush and toothpaste.

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