BS 8599 First Aid Kits

BS-8599 standard first aid kits from NHG.

Did you know new standards have been issued for the provision of First Aid within the workplace - BS 8599-1:2011

Over the years the first aid industry has complied with the guidelines as set out in the Health & Safety (First Aid) Regulations Approved Code of Practice 1997. This document outlined a range of advice to employers for the provision of first aid within the workplace.

The contents of a first aid kit has evolved and this has been recognised by the British Healthcare Trade Association who has worked, analysed and developed a solution that is fit for purpose in today's workplace environment.

It is anticipated that the HSE will change its Code of Practice and guidance to recommend the new BS-8599 standard kit content as the recommended content for employers, replacing the kit contents set out in 1997.

BS 8599 First Aid Kits